An Open Letter to Congress to Cure Voter Fraud


With all the real and presumed voter fraud happening today, I have two suggestions. It is well past time to stop ALL voter fraud.

First, even though I believe we should have single-issue legislation with no amendments, EVERY piece of legislation passing through the House or Senate should have a Mandatory Federal Voter ID (MFVID) amendment until one is implemented.

Second, the MFVID should be blockchain-based so any election meddling can be traced via the distributed blockchain ledger. Biometric data (facial recognition AND either a retina scan or fingerprint) should be built into the database so only the registered person can vote, and only upon in-person biometric verification. To obtain the MFVID, a voter would need to prove age, citizenship, and place of residence (for precinct voting location purposes). AND an emergency census should be taken that includes citizenship data for redistricting and congressional rep allocation purposes. Then, once an election is complete, the votes should not be certified until each voter verifies his/her vote was tabulated accurately.

All of this could be done through updated voting procedures locally and/or via minor modifications to our existing international ATM network since the majority already have cameras. Add a fingerprint scanner and an individual could vote and certify their vote at any ATM location, even while traveling across state lines or (potentially) internationally.

Most importantly, this would permanently do away with ANY and ALL mail-in ballots, including absentee and military ballots. Plus, it would provide a permanent record – akin to a legal chain of custody – for every point of access or potential attempt to alter a vote.

As a pastor, I understand there will be many within conservative Christian circles that will resist what may be perceived as an “Orwellian” idea out of fear of end-times “Mark of the Beast” concerns, but it really is time we put an end to the voter fraud, and this seems like a bulletproof means to that end.

Respectfully submitted,
Dave Gaffney

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