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Erdoğan’s Ottoman Ambitions

Reviving the Islamic Caliphate

In February, I presented a fairly in-depth expose concerning Turkish President Erdoğan’s apparent determination to revive the Islamic Ottoman Caliphate.  In fact, I have been writing about the coming Islamic Caliphate for years.

In my first book, These Things Must Happen, which is currently out of print, I detailed the parallel of biblical prophecy with the development of world empires that dominated the Middle East from the Assyrians to the Islamic Caliphates.  In my latest book, Israel in the Middle, I go even deeper, dealing extensively with the real source of conflict in the Middle East, along with the expansion of the Islamic Caliphates and how the Bible foretells of a resurrected caliphate in the last days.

In an article dated December 18, 2018, Gatestone Institute author Uzay Bulut does a great job highlighting Erdoğan’s Ottoman ambitions.

Mr. Bulut begins by showcasing the second “International Islamic Union Congress” sponsored by the Strategic Research Center for Defenders of Justice (ASSAM), as he states the following:

The self-described aim of the congress is “to make determinations on an academic and political ground with regard to current problems in world politics, particularly in Islamic world geography, and to offer solutions to decision-makers.”

At the November event, Tanrıverdi and other prominent supporters of Erdoğan promoted the creation of a common Muslim economic market. Participants declared their aim to create an Islamic “superpower of the future on Islamic lands owned by 60 Islamic countries, inhabited by 1,6 billion Muslims, on 19 million km2,” constituting “55.5% of world oil reserves and 45.6% of its production, 64.1% of natural gas reserves, and 33% of its production.”

At the first ASSAM conference in November 2017, participants endorsed the aim of “unity of Islam” through establishing the “Confederation of Islamic Countries.” Its declaration was approved by ASSAM and 109 NGOs – seventy of which were from Turkey – from 29 countries.

The declaration reads, in part:

“Islamic countries have to unite under one common will and an ‘Islamic Countries Parliament’ which will conduct permanent activities has to be established urgently. [The confederation aims to include] sixty-one Islamic countries… in the Unity of Islam provided they decide in free will and accept the unity terms and conditions.”

In addition, a model constitution was drafted, according to which the capital of the Islamic confederation is Istanbul; sovereignty “belongs to Shariah [Islamic law]”; and four of the member states — mainly Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia — are expected to be European Muslim-majority countries.

(Links from original article)

Below, is their constitution.



A closer look at ASSAM is very telling.  The excerpt below is translated from their home page.

The Purpose of the Association of the Center for the Advancement of Strategic Studies

The welfare of the Muslim nations, the survival of the states they established, the establishment of peace in the world and the dominance of justice, the Islamic countries as a superpower as a world political scene, thought that the idea of possible; Muslim States; To make strategic intelligence studies, to make individual and joint internal and external threat assessments, to determine the internal and external security plan principles and to gather under common will.

At the bottom of their Why ASSAM page, you will find the text and graphics below.  Click the image to read the fine print.

Did you see the “Israeli Defense War to be forced” subtitle under Palestinian Special?  No worries.  I’m sure that’s just a mistranslation by Google Translate.  Well, that is unless you follow the link and translate the page.  Below, are just three of the bullet-points you’ll find (emphasis in original documentation).

  • International efforts should be continued and the use of military power in Islamic countries should be encouraged.
  • Strength organizations in Gaza should be supported by anti-tank and low-altitude anti-aircraft weapons.
  • Until the conditions laid down by the legitimate government of Palestine are accepted, it should be declared that pressure on Palestine will not be accepted and that the Palestinian government will be supported.

In a seminar from 2014, ASSAM focused on The Islamic World in the Global Strike Target.  Although the video toward the bottom of the page does not have subtitles, a portion of the translated page is displayed below.  Again, click the image to read the fine print.

Did you read it?  “The Islamic World in the Goal of the Global Attack” is the video title, with labels for World War III and World War 3.  I’m sure that’s just another mistranslation by Google.

It’s astounding how the Islamic world can be 100% forthcoming regarding their intent, yet their true ambitions are glossed over by the mainstream media – and politicians – in what appears to be an attempt to lull the public into submission.  From the globalists’ forced migration policies to their blatant anti-Israel bias and pro-Islamic (anything), we are clearly headed toward ASSAM’s intended goal.

If you are not familiar with what the Bible has to say about the end times, our ministry is a great place to start.  The following are just a few studies: (From Here to Kingdom Come, Wars and Rumors of Wars, Globalism & Sharia).

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  1. Again, your articles are on target. Though the Bible tells of the coming tragedies, it also speaks about the people who are willingly blinded to the truth. Though we do not look forward to the end time events, we do look forward to the soon return of Jesus. Thank you again for the time you take to pen the truth. May God richly bless you.

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