House Democrats to Republicans: Raise Your Hand for Permission to Do Your Job

And even then we may not let you…

The Democrats in the House of Representatives are finally introducing an impeachment resolution for a formal vote.  Maybe.  Unfortunately, the rules presented in the proposed resolution (below) prevent a fair and balanced representation of the truth.  It’s the equivalent of telling Republicans, “Sit down, shut up, and raise your hand.  We’ll decide if you get permission to perform your Constitutional duties.”

Impeachment Resolution - BILLS-116-HRes660


A careful reading of the proposed resolution reveals two things.

First, Chairman Schiff is going to be allowed a second round of depositions and questioning, with full control over who may subpoena additional documents or witness testimony.  If he decides the minority Republicans, and specifically former chairman Devin Nunez, are not allowed to pursue a particular witness or document, he has the authority to refuse the action, albeit with an option for minority Republicans to appeal to the full committee.  So, the majority gets to determine if the minority is permitted to perform their Constitutional duties.

It’s just going to be a continuation of what is happening already, as Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) explains below.

Second, President Trump and his counsel are not allowed to participate in the first round of the formal impeachment process under Chairman Schiff.  That’s after he has already been prohibited from the preliminary hearings.

It is only after the initial investigative phase transitions to the Judiciary Committee that President Trump and his counsel are allowed to participate.  But, the extent to which the President may or may not be further limited has not been clearly defined since the exact process is left to the discretion of House Judiciary Committee Chairman Nadler, as long as it doesn’t conflict with (1) “the procedures submitted for printing in the Congressional Record by the chair of the Committee on Rules, including such procedures as to allow for the participation of the President and his counsel… (2) the Rules of the Committee, or (3) the Rules of the House” (p. 6).

How all this continues to unfold in the House is left to be seen, but rest assured it will be a one-sided exhibition of power to place the President in the worst possible light.

As with the Mueller report, all the theatrics in the House will – most likely – amount to nothing since Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Graham claims no Republicans will vote to impeach President Trump, according to The Epoch Times.  And, since impeachment requires a two-thirds Senate vote, the measure will almost surely be defeated.

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    1. Although I haven’t reviewed them, the argument on the floor during the pre-vote statements was that this resolution is exactly like the impeachment resolutions for Nixon and Clinton. Looks like a little research is in order and maybe an update to this article.

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