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Incorrectly Profiling Christchurch NZ Shooter Brenton Tarrant Is Dangerous

FAKE NEWS gets it wrong again

Pure Evil. That should be the only description necessary for the horrific actions of Brenton Tarrant, the man charged by New Zealand police for the Christchurch mosque shooting March 15, 2019. Unfortunately, we live in an age of misinformation masquerading as news, where the elites – our political overlords and those in charge of mainstream and social media – attempt to shape our reality based on their world view.

Since the shooting, censorship and propaganda have been packaged as viewership protection while media outlets have given platforms for activists to peddle pure nonsense. As proof, try to find a copy of the shooter’s manifesto (below) online. The original links have been disabled. To help viewers make their own informed decisions – based on facts, and to fight against the elite’s misinformation campaign, I decided to preserve the shooter’s manifesto here for all to see.

The Great Replacement


Some people may question why I chose to post the manifesto. It’s not because I agree with his views. I DON’T!  It’s because his views need to be represented accurately by media outlets, even if they don’t agree with them. Presuppositions and projection have no place in journalism. Facts are facts, and real journalists should present those facts – who, what, when, where, why and how – without an agenda.

In that regard, I agree with Kellyanne Conway.  People need to read the manifesto in its entirety if they want to be informed and form accurate opinions regarding the shooter’s motivations and mindset.

If the news was reported accurately and fairly, the decision of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to not even speak the shooter’s name would be just, but the news is not reported fairly or accurately. For instance, CNN posted an article claiming “He wanted notoriety.”  No, he didn’t.  He knew he would be quickly forgotten.

Did you carry out the attack for fame?

No, carrying out an attack for fame would be laughable. After all who can remember the name of the attackers in the September 11 attack in New York? How about the attack on the pentagon? The attackers in the plane that crashed into the field on the same day?

I will be forgotten quickly.

Which I do not mind.

After all I am a private and mostly introverted person.

But the aftershock from my actions will ripple for years to come, driving political and social discourse, creating the atmosphere or (sic) fear and change that is required. (Source: Tarrant, Brenton. The Great Replacement. March 15, 2019, p. 10)

From his manifesto and his grotesque actions, it’s clear Brenton Tarrant is a misguided, broken terrorist who wanted to instill fear and stoke political and social discourse, specifically regarding gun ownership.

Won’t your attack result in calls for the removal of gun rights from Whites in the United states (sic)?

Yes, that is the plan all along, you said you would fight to protect your rights and the constitution, well soon will come the time.

Won’t your attack result in calls for the removal of gun rights in the (sic) New Zealand?

The gun owners of New Zealand are a beaten, miserable bunch of baby boomers, who have long since given up the fight. When was the last time they won increased rights? Their loss was inevitable. I just accelerated things a bit.

They had long since lost their cities, take a look at Auckland. Did you really expect they would not also lose their rights? (Source: Tarrant, Brenton. The Great Replacement. March 15, 2019, pp. 19-20)

He succeeded.  Prime Minister Ardern has already promised new gun legislation.  Her relevant comments begin at the 2:18 mark below.

Since Friday, countless anti-gun activists renewed their demands for more stringent gun control measures or confiscation altogether.  Below, is an example of utter ignorance and misinformation from Senator (and 2020 presidential candidate) Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY).

NEWS FLASH: Guns are not the problem, and neither are cars, trucks, knives, machetes, hammers, or rocks when it comes to acts of terrorism.  The evil intent of people is the problem.  Period.  Full stop.

Unfortunately, the media reality we live in today is one of agenda first, opinion second, and somewhere way down the list comes the truth and facts.

CNN apparently had no problem providing Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) a platform to blame Trump (and his enablers).

NBC and MSNBC had no problem giving a platform to CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) to lay blame for the NZ attack squarely at the feet of President Trump.

Iran and Turkey indirectly blame Trump and his western enablers, as well.

Unfortunately, the “Trump is to blame” narrative does not match the gunman’s own words, which he recorded deliberately.  He wanted his motive and mission to be known and addressed, but he was clearly no fan of President Trump, except for his whiteness.

Were/are you a supporter of Donald Trump?

As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure. As a policy maker (sic) and leader? Dear god no. (Source: Tarrant, Brenton. The Great Replacement. March 15, 2019, p. 16)

Muslim Dr. Qanta Ahmed opposes the “Trump is to blame” narrative, as you can see from the video below.  Please note: The video below has clearly been edited by someone at the 2:14 and 2:58 marks, but Dr. Ahmed’s relevant comments concerning President Trump begin at the 3:00 mark.

Try finding that interview archived on CNN’s website or YouTube channel.  You won’t.  It doesn’t fit their anti-Trump narrative.

The bottom line of the shooting is this: Brenton Tarrant is a vile self-described racist, ethno-nationalist and eco-fascist who claims his political and social views align closest with the People’s Republic of China and Sir Oswald Mosely (pictured alongside Brenton Tarrant above), an early 20th-century British politician who became the leader of the British Union of Fascists.

Were/are you are “racist”?

Yes, by definition, as I believe racial differences exist between peoples and they have a great impact on the way we shape our societies I also believe fertility rates are part of those racial differences and that the immigrants in our lands with high fertility must be forced out to ensure the existance (sic) of our race.

So yes. I am a racist.

Were/are you a “xenophobe”?\ (sic)

No, no culture scares me. I am only wary of those cultures with higher fertility rates replacing others.

Were/are you a “islamophobe” (sic)?

No, I am not afraid of islam (sic), only that, due to its high fertility rates, it will grow to replace other peoples and faiths.

Were/are you a nationalist?

Yes, predominantly an ethno-nationalist (I place importance on the health and well being (sic) of my race above all else).

Were/are you a nazi (sic)?

No, actual nazis (sic)do not exist. They haven’t been a political or social force anywhere in the world for more than 60 years.

Were/are you an anti-semite (sic)?

No.A jew (sic) living in israel (sic) is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people.

Were/are you a neo-nazi (sic)?

That is a very broad category of people, and the definition is fuzzy at best.

So no, I don’t believe so.

Were/are you a conservative?

No, conservatism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it.

Were/are you a christian (sic)?

That is complicated.

When I know, I will tell you.

Were/are you a fascist?

Yes. For once, the person that will be called a fascist, is an actual fascist.

I am sure the journalists will love that.

I mostly agree with Sir Oswald Mosley’s views and consider myself an Eco-fascist by nature.

The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China. (Source: Tarrant, Brenton. The Great Replacement. March 15, 2019, pp. 14-15)

As for the media and the rest of the elites, it’s time to tell the truth…about everything.  The New Zealand shooting was evil personified, but there are other tragedies that should be mentioned. For instance, 120 Christians lost their lives at the hands of radical Muslims in Nigeria since February.  Where’s the outrage from the elites?

When tragedies happen at the hands of a Muslim, they are usually given cover by the elites or not mentioned at all.  It’s time to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Just as everyone who claims to be a Christian is not a true follower of Christ, there are many who call themselves Muslims who do not adhere to Sharia.  Those who do, however, have a very specific global agenda, and they even want humanitarian organizations to actively promote their agenda.

Muslims who adhere to Sharia want a global caliphate to unite all Muslims while placing non-Muslims under their rule.  Where are the elites when it comes to that message?  Instead of recognizing the Sharia/Caliphate agenda and trying to combat it, or at least contain it, they are spreading it through forced migration.

The New Zealand shooter may be guilty of a heinous atrocity, but he was spot on concerning the invasion happening all over the globe.  Instead of talking about gun control as a byproduct of the shooting, the elites should be talking about the Muslims’ aspirations for a global Caliphate.

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  1. Thanks for an informative and true article. How wonderful it would be if people would actually hear the truth from the media. Fox news is an outlet that I looked to for true journalism. I question what we will be hearing in the future from them. Our Country is in danger of doing what Germany did at WWII. However, books don’t need to be burned to keep people from the truth, the media does it for us.

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