Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez An Actress?

A propped-up progressive puppet?

In the video below, Chris Kohls (AKA Mr. Reagan) makes “3 very serious accusations against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: (1) She did not actually run for Congress, (2) She is a puppet congresswoman, and (3) The people controlling her are very dangerous.”

Mr. Kohls provides a well-documented case for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) being a puppet legislator acting at the behest of the Justice Democrats federal political action committee (PAC). In short, Mr. Kohls shows how AOC was selected by the Justice Democrats PAC after being nominated for a casting call by her brother.

At the 1:08 mark, he plays a clip of Justice Democrats leader Alexandra Rojas describing the casting call and how they chose AOC, followed by a clip of AOC confirming how her brother nominated her while she was working in a restaurant. Below, is the full version of the Justice Democrats’ AOC promotional video from their Nominate webpage.

According to Mr. Kohls, The Justice Democrats ran every aspect of her campaign, including fundraising, and she is simply regurgitating policy positions dictated by the PAC, including the Green New Deal. Below, you will find three screenshots from the Justice Democrats’ Platform for Justice webpage. The Green New Deal is their first policy position.

At the 16:35 mark, Mr. Kohl’s indicates AOC is only one of three newly elected representatives chosen via the Justice Democrats’ casting call process: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY District 14), Ayanna Pressley (MA District 7), and Rashida Tlaib (MI District 13). Rashida Tlaib became famous in her own right after a video surfaced of her “impeach the mother-f***er” comments regarding President Trump.

If you visit the Justice Democrats website, you’ll find their homepage displaying the picture below that includes the three candidates they recruited along with another candidate they endorsed, Ilhan Omar (MN District 5), who recently made the news for her anti-Semitic remarks.

Mr. Kohls also credits Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks and AOC’s chief of staff and co-founder of Justice Democrats, Saikat Chakrabarti, as co-masterminds and puppeteers behind these candidates. It appears, Mr. Uygur heavily promoted the Justice Democrats and the “hostile takeover of the Democratic Party” (9:16), claiming they would “run hundreds of candidates” and “primary all the establishment Democrats” (10:34). Mr. Uygur is also seen saying, “We want to replace Congress” (11:23). Mr. Chakrabarti’s name may be somewhat familiar due to recent allegations of campaign finance violations.

Early in his video, Mr. Kohls credits one of AOC’s top congressional aides, Corbin Trent, alongside Saikat Chakrabarti as the masterminds behind AOC’s successful transformation. Corbin Trent just happens to be another co-founder of Justice Democrats, as seen at the :58 mark of the Justice Democrats’ “Before Alexandria Was Known As AOC, There Was A Movement That Recruited Her To Run” video (above) where AOC, Saikat Chakrabarti, Alexandra Rojas, and Corbin Trent are engaged in a seemingly casual conversation about AOC’s motivation to become an activist. She even admits she had no plans of running for office. They are not shy about admitting AOC was recruited.

At the 3:25 mark of the Justice Democrats/AOC video, Zach Exley, another key influencer mentioned by Mr. Kohls, is seen in a still shot of a one-on-one conversation with AOC. On his website, he specifically mentions his involvement with the Green New Deal, and like Cenk Uygur, his mission to “replace pretty much the entire corrupt U.S. Congress.”  Below, is an excerpt taken from his webpage.

Since you asked, here’s a little of what I’ve been up to. Recently, I’ve been helping to found a new economic policy project called New Consensus, intended to equip a new generation of leaders with powerful ideas about how Americans and all of humanity can regain control over our means of making a living and economic life. Most recently, we’ve been involved in shaping the ideas around the Green New Deal.

Last year, I did a fellowship at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center where, among other things, I wrote this paper. Before that, I served on the Bernie Sanders campaign where I was honored to work alongside thousands of amazing grassroots leaders who made many miracles happen. Later, as a volunteer I helped start Brand New Congress, a campaign to replace pretty much the entire corrupt U.S. Congress with a slate of honest and visionary local leaders, and Justice Democrats, which has been called a Tea Party for the Democratic Party.

If you want a better understanding of their collective agendas, please follow Mr. Exley’s links. They’re very enlightening and show a direct connection to Corbin Trent via “Brand New Congress”.

Here’s the bottom line. I don’t believe AOC views herself simply as a prop or puppet. She appears to be a true believer, but that doesn’t mean she’s not being used for political gain. I’m not sure about the others. They may be true believers, as well, but they also may be opportunists seeking a way to gain influence, power, and money. Whatever their motivation, they certainly are not trying to hide their agenda. They are merely another manifestation of the architects behind Obama’s mission to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

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