Media Panic: Trump Wants Nunes Memo Released!

The Washington Post is trying to warn of impending doom by an out-of-control President.

Frantically pointing to Trump’s blatant disregard for the Justice Department’s warning that releasing Devin Nunes’ memo would be “extraordinarily reckless,” Washington Post writers seem beside themselves that he is encouraging its release. To them, it appears to be the act of an irrational man.

The primary focus of the article appears to be Trump’s actions pushing the boundaries of obstruction, which just happens to be the new direction of the Mueller probe.

Below, are a few excerpts.

“The intervention with Sessions, which has not previously been reported, marked another example of the president’s year-long attempts to shape and influence an investigation that is fundamentally outside his control. Trump, appearing frustrated and at times angry…

…Trump’s repeated attempts to pressure senior law enforcement officials through firings or other means, have now become one of the main focuses of the investigation — including Trump’s order last summer to fire special counsel Robert S. Mueller III…”

Of course, the Washington Post is referring to a New York Times article released on Thursday.

According to Time, “President Donald Trump on Friday dismissed as “fake news” a New York Times report that he ordered the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller last June, but backed down after White House lawyer Don McGahn threatened to resign.”

Is the Mueller firing threat more fake news?  Could the New York Times article be an attempt to obfuscate?  You decide.

Back to the Washington Post excerpts.

“As Mueller narrows his probe — homing in on the ways Trump may have tried to impede the Russia investigation — a common thread ties many of the incidents together: a president accustomed to functioning as the executive of a private family business who does not seem to understand that his subordinates have sworn an oath to the Constitution rather than to him.”

“Sally Q. Yates, the acting attorney general whom Trump fired early last year for failing to enforce his travel ban, said in an interview that Trump’s behavior — from his June decision to call for Mueller’s firing to other meddling throughout the year — is ‘beyond unusual’ and ‘really dangerous.’ ‘If you get to what’s most essential and important and, I think, really damaging to our country, beyond just the confines of this administration, it’s this attack on our democratic institutions and particularly the Department of Justice,’ she said.”

“Indeed, Trump has shown a repeated pattern of attempting to regain control of the Russia investigation and trying to deploy the Justice Department for his own protection and personal gain — comments and actions that Mueller’s team could include in the obstruction-of-justice portion of their probe.”

You get the point.  Although the writers are probably true believers, their article is clearly an attempt to get ahead of a (potentially) very damaging narrative coming right around the corner.

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  1. I chuckle at the media. I wonder what they are going to say when the memo is released and they have to hang their heads in shame for what they have done the President. With the “lost” emails coming to light, that is going to be another can of worms with which to deal. Will this country ever be united with a common goal for truth?

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