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Obama Endorses Hillary Despite Criminal Investigation

Not surprisingly, President Obama formally endorsed Hillary Clinton on Thursday as the Democratic presumptive nominee for President of the United States.

What is surprising is the glowing remarks he attributed to her, despite the White House admitting she is currently under criminal investigation by the FBI for her misuse of email while Secretary of State.

Despite the admission by White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, who was just a quick to add cover by trivializing the significance of President Obama’s endorsement, Earnest claimed Obama’s endorsement would not interfere with the tasks of the career prosecutors and investigators handling the case.

How could it not have an impact?

Hillary Clinton has been less than forthcoming from the beginning concerning the email controversy, and many are questioning both her motives and her integrity.

This article by the Atlantic sheds light on some of the glaring issues surrounding Hillary Clinton, and does so from a forum that should be more friendly toward her than other, more conservative, outlets.

For an in-depth look into the spurious dealings of Hillary Clinton, Judicial Watch has the most revealing information.  They are true watchdogs concerning our out of control government.

In March, Judicial Watch did its best to highlight the existence of a Hillary Clinton indictment tied to the Whitewater scandal that has been concealed for years.  Here is a detailed timeline of events surrounding the scandal from the Washington Post

All of the swirling rumors and controversies surrounding the Clinton family over the years cannot be mere coincidence or vengeful attacks.

Where there’s smoke, there must be fire…

At the end of the day, common-sense Americans must ask, “Can Hillary Clinton be trusted?”


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