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The Absurdity of Comparing New Zealand and Sri Lanka

False narratives and false equivalencies

The mainstream media are lost.  A lone-wolf attack by an unbalanced white nationalist is being used as an excuse for coordinated Muslim attacks against people of the cross, but that wasn’t the narrative when it first happened.

When Brenton Tarrant attacked a Christchurch, New Zealand mosque March 15, 2019, the media and CAIR immediately tried to blame President Trump.  The attacker self-identified as a white nationalist, so the dots were easy for the media and world leaders to connect since they already accused the president of being a racist white nationalist, even though they falsely equate a desire for national sovereignty and national pride with being a white nationalist.

The comparison was false then and it’s false now.  Brenton Tarrant was an unhinged lone-wolf terrorist whose evil intent was to stir political debate regarding immigration and guns.  I preserved his manifesto on this site, so the truth can be seen by anyone who cares enough to investigate.  He wasn’t affiliated with a group claiming credit and he absolutely did not claim to be a Christian.  He alone was responsible for his reprehensible actions.

On Sunday – Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019, explosions rocked Sri Lanka at three churches, four hotels, and a private residence, supposedly in retaliation for the New Zealand attack.  The attacks are being credited to Islamic fundamentalist/extremist organizations: ISIS and National Thowfeek Jamaath.

It appears the attacks could have been prevented since authorities were aware of the terror threat, according to a report by Sara Carter where she highlights documents originally posted by Harin Fernando, Sri Lanka’s Minister of Telecommunications.

According to Sara Carter’s report, “The letter titled ‘Information of an alleged plan attack’ said the state intelligence services had received information from a foreign intelligence service to the effect that Mohammed Zahran, the leader of National Thowheed Jamath was about to launch a suicide bomb attack in Sri Lanka targeting famous catholic (sic) churches and the Indian High Commission.”

ISIS didn’t claim responsibility until Tuesday.  Whether or not ISIS was truly involved is immaterial.  It was a coordinated attack by a Muslim organization, and they targeted Christians.  They didn’t target white nationalists or Trump supporters.  They targeted Christians.  Connecting the dots to New Zealand makes no sense unless the media views Christians as white nationalists.

When the Christchurch massacre happened, Muslims were the target and the victims, and the media made that clear.

When the Sri Lanka attacks happened, Christians may have been the target, but the media are still giving Muslims cover as potential victims.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said he feared the massacre could unleash instability and he vowed to “vest all necessary powers with the defense forces” to act against those responsible. He later warned at a news conference that more militants and explosives were “out there.”

Also unclear was a motive for the bombings. The history of Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka, a country of 21 million including large Hindu, Muslim and Christian minorities, is rife with ethnic and sectarian conflict.

In the nation’s 26-year civil war, the Tamil Tigers, a powerful rebel army known for using suicide bombers, had little history of targeting Christians and was crushed by the government in 2009. Anti-Muslim bigotry fed by Buddhist nationalists has swept the country recently.

In March 2018, Buddhist mobs ransacked businesses and set houses on fire in Muslim neighborhoods around Kandy, a city in central Sri Lanka that is popular with tourists.

After the mob attacks, Sri Lanka’s government also blocked some social media sites, hoping to slow the spread of false information or threats that could incite more violence.

Sri Lanka, though, has no history of Islamic militancy. Its small Christian community has seen only scattered incidents of harassment. (Source: ABC News)

Notice the subtle message.  The motive for Sunday’s Muslim on Christian violence is unclear.  The region is “rife with ethnic and sectarian conflict.”  Besides, “Anti-Muslim bigotry…has swept the country recently.”  It wasn’t Christians targeting Muslims.  It was Buddhists, but somehow it still made it into the report by ABC.   ABC isn’t overtly saying Muslims are the victims, but they are implying it.

Here’s a motive: Muslims hate Christians and Jews.

This attack had nothing to do with Christchurch except to use it as cover for their ongoing hatred.

Also of import, as noted by ABC and others, there has been a social media blackout in Sri Lanka since the attacks, led by Facebook and its properties.  That didn’t happen for the New Zealand attacks.  In fact, six people were recently charged for airing the mosque shooting footage on their Facebook pages.  Why the sudden concern for how these events may influence public opinion or (potential) incidents of violence?

Notice a pattern here?

Why is it that whenever Muslims are perpetrators of an attack, they are usually not identified as Muslim, but when they are, there is an immediate need to isolate them as extremists rather than mainstream Muslims. Essentially we’re told, “Someone did something.”

Was the Christchurch terrorist called an extremist white nationalist?  Are Crusaders called Christian extremists?  No, there are no modifiers applied in those instances.  The group or groups they purport to represent are immediately implicated as guilty accomplices.  It’s the exact opposite for Muslims, and quite often the assailant’s behavior is excused as mental illness or without a known motive.

The suicide bombings in Sri Lanka were barbaric acts of terror and cowardice perpetrated by Muslims against Christians, and the media should be united and unapologetic in identifying and denouncing their behavior.

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  1. Your messages should be on FOX. The media is either in league with the Muslims or they are terrified to speak out against them. Shielding them from their actions only gives them greater freedom to do more without consequences. The public needs to know who they are and what they stand for. Jews and Christians are not their only target. Anyone who will not accept Allah as their god are also a target for their destruction.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Grace. Your assessment of the overarching Muslim agenda is spot-on, and they are not shy about sharing it. The media is simply unwilling to report the truth.

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