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The Tiring Palestinian Saga

How the “Woe Is Me!” Mantra Is Wearing Thin

If you watch mainstream media, you’ll see Palestinians depicted as a poor, oppressed people, acting against their Jewish overlords due to their desperation…or maybe global warming…but probably just desperation.  I mean everyone knows the Jews are illegally occupying the world.  They don’t have a right to exist.  Just ask Hitler UN Iran anyone.

And, don’t forget about the evil Trump administration.  They want Palestinian children to die of starvation.  I mean they only committed $60 Million to UNRWA this year instead of $125 Million.

Sorry for the sarcasm, but it’s exasperating to watch the mainstream media fall all over themselves to prop up the Palestinian facade.  Unfortunately, the Palestinian deception is nothing new, as you can see from the Clinton-era 60 Minutes “Pallywood” segments below.

There are plenty of videos on the Internet just like these for anyone who wants to know the truth.

Want more recent proof?  Breitbart published a few clips on Sunday, showing IDF footage of a faked injury and children being used as human shields during the “Great March of Return” demonstrations that began in March and are expected to crescendo May 15th (Nakba Day – the day of catastrophe) after Israel celebrates the 70th anniversary of their Declaration of Independence, May 14, 1948.

Reports over the past several weeks have decried Israel’s brutality, with claims of Israel killing dozens and wounding hundreds of innocent Palestinian demonstrators.  But, the truth about their so-called innocence can be so inconvenient…

First, we have no idea how many have truly been killed or injured, or by whom.  The reporting has been wildly divergent concerning the numbers, even as reported by national media.

Second, the Palestinians have made their intent clear for decades.  They want Israel annihilated, as does their prime supporter, Iran (CNN – November 10, 2014, Jerusalem Post – July 8, 2016, The Times of Israel – April 21, 2018).

Israel has a duty to protect its citizens from the savages at their door!

Thankfully, some in the Middle East are showing signs of impatience with the Palestinians’ intransigence.  We already reported Jordan revoking the citizenship of the Palestinian leaders.  According to an article from The Daily Wire, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman seems to be growing weary, as well.

In the last several decades the Palestinian leadership has missed one opportunity after the other and rejected all the peace proposals it was given. It is about time the Palestinians take the proposals and agree to come to the negotiations table or shut up and stop complaining. ~ Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

When it comes to Palestinian oppression in the mainstream media, however, it’s all Israel all the time.  You would never hear reports of the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad decimating Yarmouk, a suburb of Damascus, that is described as the “Palestinians’ largest and liveliest refugee camp.”  An article from The Economist states: “Of the 350,000 people who once lived in Yarmouk, only a few hundred remain.”

Photo courtesy of The Economist – May 3rd, 2018

Why would al-Assad turn on his Palestinian brothers?  According to The Economist:

Syria used to treat the Palestinians well. They were provided with health care and education and allowed to own homes. Many worked for the government. Mr Assad gave Palestinian security forces arms and training to police their camps. Khaled Meshal, the leader of Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement, had more access to the president than most of the cabinet.

But when Mr Meshal sided with his Qatari financiers, who backed Syria’s Islamist rebels after the uprising in 2011, Mr Assad and his men fumed at the treachery. They blasted Hamas for using its tunneling (sic) skills to dig escape routes for the rebels…

Many Palestinians believe the regime wants to redevelop Yarmouk—for use by Syrians. In March the government unveiled the second stage of a plan to rebuild southern Damascus, including areas that run along the camp’s edge. Businessmen eye opportunities. Some suggest relocating the Palestinians to distant scrubland.

Where is the international outrage against al-Assad for his mistreatment of the Palestinian refugees in favor of Syrian businessmen?  Where is the wall-to-wall CNN coverage?

As Israel celebrates seventy years of false accusations, it’s time to turn up the pressure on all the outlets casting false shadows.  It’s also time to hold the entire Arab world accountable for their overt and covert misdeeds against Israel.  Otherwise, we may face the very real possibility of another war to end all wars.  Wait, what… Ezekiel 3839, Zechariah 12, Revelation 16… Oh, that’s right, we already knew that was coming…

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  1. Thank you for this information. It would be good to see this article hit the main stream media. But they would have to print real journalism. It is a shame that so many people are indoctrinated by false information. Can people not think for themselves or are they still in the childhood stage of being told what to think? Maybe that is why they, like children need their safe space for security. The world would not be in the condition it is today if truth was told and people could see it. Satan is here to lie, steal, kill and destroy. He uses people to do his work. Does that sound familiar with what is going on? Maybe people should look in a different direction and see what Jesus has to offer to all who choose to follow Him. He came to give life, peace, truth, and a relationship with Him for all eternity. Sounds good to me! What is your choice? We all have free will to choose what we will believe, even in the news.

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